Cloak your network

Enhance your network's security and privacy with our advanced cloaking technology.
Designed to shield your infrastructure from external threats and intrusions, our solutions offer top-tier protection, ensuring your data remains safe and your operations uninterrupted. Experience superior network defense that adapts to your unique security needs.


Cloud Security Solutions

Protect your cloud and hybrid environments with our state-of-the-art Cloaking Firewall, available exclusively on AWS. Choose our flexible, pay-as-you-go model and benefit from real-time threat protection, seamless scalability, and robust data privacy. Enhance your network's security without the complexity of traditional solutions.

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ISO Security Solutions

Deploy our comprehensive ISO firewall image, crafted to provide unmatched security across both physical and virtual environments. This image ensures compatibility with a range of platforms, offering a solid foundation for your security needs. With enhanced flexibility and reliability, our ISO image is ideal for businesses looking to fortify their infrastructure against evolving threats.

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Interactive Live Demo

Experience our technology firsthand with an interactive live demo. Explore the intuitive interface and advanced features of our firewall solutions in a risk-free environment. See for yourself how our technology can be configured to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring efficient and effective security management across your networks.

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Cloaking Demo Video

The Cloaking Firewall is an innovative technology that removes the ability of cyber attackers to find your network and hack it. The technology allows your network to disappear from internet wide scanning, which is an essential process that malicious actors use to identify new targets.

Disappear from internet-wide scanning services such as Shodan,, and BinaryEdge that malicious actors regularly use to find new targets with Internet 2.0 Cloaking Firewall.

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Target Server for Attack Simulation

Test your skills against our target server, which is securely positioned behind our demo firewall. This environment is designed for attack simulations, allowing users to experience and understand the effectiveness of our firewall under simulated cyber attack conditions. Engage in real-world scenarios to see how our defenses hold up against potential threats.

Cloaking Firewall dashboard
Live Demo Firewall GUI access

Explore the capabilities of our Firewall through our interactive Demo GUI. Log in and navigate through an intuitive, user-friendly interface to discover how our advanced security features can protect your network. This live demo environment lets you test and learn about our firewall's functionality in real-time.

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